A Broken Heart Bleeds Tears

A Broken Heart Bleeds Tears

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  We have all suffered from a broken heart but what if it never heals correctly. How do you heal and become the person you once used to be?! 

    This piece is meant to both heal and help one question which means of healing are right for them. To question where they want to be and who they really are in order to heal the most powerful muscle in our body’s. 

‘A broken Heart Bleeds Tears’ measures 11x14 inches and is make from newspaper, tissue paper, recycled prints, ink, acrylic paint and is hand embroidered on deep edge gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted black and the overall piece is varnished with a crystal clear gloss. This piece is awarded with a certificate of authenticity. 

Payment plans are available via request at heathefreitasart@gmail.com